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Computer Forensics - iBridge Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics


iBridge implements and deploys effective and defensible methodologies to process electronically stored information (ESI) during pre-litigation and throughout the litigation cycle by utilizing advanced technology solutions and customized strategies.
iBridge’s infrastructure maintains 24/7, 365 days-a-year data access, not only through our U.S. facilities, but also by utilizing Tier-3 and 4 data center partners across the globe to comply with privacy laws across the globe.


Companies often receive requests for information in a variety of settings not only for litigation, but also in relationship to compliance, governance, and other legal concerns. iBridge assists corporation, law firm, and government clients in North America, Europe, and South Asia with identifying, locating, collecting, and preserving a variety of data types.


iBridge computer forensic experts can assist at every stage of a lawsuit regardless of the number of data sources or locations. Most often, our collections are made by our technology team which has a global presence and is trained and certified in the technology environment that they are harvesting data from. This allows us to provide the documentation of collections and the preservation process at a reasonable cost.


All our forensic collection is done by a Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) using the latest recovery tools and techniques to ensure preservation and defensibility. A representative list of our services is, recovery of deleted information, keyword searching, authenticating data files, locating hidden information, examining email and internet usage, providing historical account data, and determining whether data has been tampered with. Not only do we complete the collection process, but we also try to cull and process, review, and analyze the data – regardless of where the data came from. We can collect information from the following:


  1. Cell Phones, Tablets, and PDAs: With such a large majority of the population using mobile devices, a situation will probably arise in which mobile forensics is required. iBridge is one of the few providers who can collect information from cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices – providing valuable insight for civil and criminal litigation. We collect evidence such as texts, call logs, emails, calendars, web browsing history, wireless network settings, and media such as pictures, videos, and apps.
  2. Hard Drives and Personal Storage Devices: iBridge uses skilled technicians to retrieve the vast amount of data, which can then be stored on internal and external hard drives or USB flash drives. Our experts collect and recover data from all types of devices and operating systems, even if an attempt to delete that data has been made. Our years of experience in data extraction and forensics make us the right partner to extract, process, review, and protect computer evidence.
  3. Other Sources: iBridge also collects data from network and shared drives, vaults, and external email sources such as yahoo or gmail. If you are looking to retrieve data, we can assist regardless of the medium.

How can iBridge support your business goals? Contact us, and let’s find out together.