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Business Process

Damage Assessment & Analysis


Avoiding costly litigation is always a priority, and particularly so in the current fluid market conditions. From the moment an incident occurs, damage assessment and analysis must minimize exposure and assess potential risk. There is great value to having defined strategies, comprehensive early organization and completed analysis of a company’s data should an event occur which requires quick action.

Many of the standard services that iBridge offers can be used by law firms and corporations to help mitigate risk and liability pre-litigation, and after litigation has commenced. While we routinely work with law firms specializing in labor and employment, our services can be beneficial to any client regardless of size or scope. 

Damage Assessment & Analysis - iBridge


We excel in a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • Data entry

  • Data verification and quality assurance

  • Data acquisition, normalization, analysis, and reporting

  • 3D models for statistical analysis and modeling theory

  • Building and testing algorithms to de-bunk standard search term results during document review and eDiscovery production

  • Survey, retail, sales, and marketing analytics

  • Wage and hour damage analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Statistical consulting


To provide the best-case scenario to all our clients we utilize a wide variety of techniques throughout each of the services we provide including:


  • Correlation analysis

  • Multiple regression analysis (GLM, logistic, multinomial)

  • Forecasting techniques (regression, growth rates)

  • Cluster analysis (segmentation analysis)

  • Factor analysis

  • Discriminant analysis

  • Principal component analysis

  • Probability theory concepts

  • Statistical interference (t-test, ANOVA, F-test, Chi-Square, etc.)

Work with iBridge to assist your business with a damage assessment and analysis. Contact us today!