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Facilities Disaster

Facilities Disaster Recovery


iBridge can provide clients with on-demand recovery services for the processing of protected information. iBridge can work with you as a strategic partner to provide Disaster Recovery Processing Services for your main operations center. iBridge’s objective would be to establish a team of processing professionals trained and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice if disaster occurs. This is a proactive solution that can help ensure that your business never experiences downtime as the result of a natural disaster.

The iBridge Disaster Recovery team comprises highly trained individuals capable of processing sensitive information in a highly secure environment. The iBridge team always clears extensive background checks by state law enforcement.

iBridge can meet all physical and network security requirements mandated by the State. From its inception in 2004, iBridge has been in the business of securely processing and managing sensitive information for state and federal agencies. The team undergoes training every month and exceeds stringent thresholds for performance.

Every member of the team is a college graduate with a degree in liberal arts, mathematics, or finance. The team trained in record time on systems managed by the State for processing different data types, forms, and medical records. The team also received training regarding privacy regulations and information security, which are topics critical to the work.

The information security team at iBridge is adept at identifying gaps in security protocols to prevent an intentional or unintentional data breach. This provides the State with an added layer of security.

Allow iBridge to provide a facilities disaster recovery plan for your business! Contact us here.